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Joomla!® is a world leading Content Management System trusted by millions for their websites. We have been using Joomla!® since 1.5 and have been mightily impressed with it's development process. It is even used by Ebay and Ikea, so you can rest assured knowing what your website is built on is secure.

There are a lot of people who will happily work on components, plugins and modules within Joomla!® but you must be aware not all of them know the Joomla!® framework and they may get the work you want them to do done, is it done right? I've come across numerous clients who have previously employed a Joomla!® dev to do some basic modifications just for them all to be lost as soon as they upgraded. There is no need for this 95% of the time. 

Tony Partridge, has been Lead Support and a Developer at the leading Joomla!® Calendar and Events addon since Joomla!® 1.5. If you are looking for some basic JEvents help or a sophisticated events management website like then you certainly have come to the right place. 

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